In today’s modern society, where we lead increasingly busy lives, it is difficult to find space to nurture ourselves, feel emotionally recharged and enjoy a sense of community. A Women’s Circle provides a sacred space for women to gather, celebrate and process life together. Womens Circles allow women to reflect and nurture their souls and their lives.

Drawing on the wisdom of ancient cultures in an atmosphere of love and support, Mim Bartlett’s Circles are a safe cocoon for nourishing intimacy. The Circles also provide an opportunity to take note of new beginnings and journeys within our lives, so they don’t just slide by without their full importance being recognised.

Womens Circles are a different and loving way to celebrate many occasions. For example, an impending birth, a bride-to-be, birthday, girls week end, healing circles or various occasions celebrating personal milestones. There is great flexibility in creating special circles to suit your needs. Performed in the privacy of your own home or at an outside venue with an intimate group of friends, Women’s Circles are the perfect gift to yourself or to others.

The Womens Retreats are held over a week end at a beautiful location on the Mornington Peninsula. The focus is on emotional and physical well being, deep relaxation, self awareness and nourishment.

The Monthly Circles provide an opportunity for women to gather together once a month in a small group to increase self awareness, intimacy and community.

As stated in the Herald Sun, Body and Soul, “Whether you choose something as special as a Birthday Circle or a more regular Monthly Circle, the increasing possibilities for women to honour the sacred and spiritual is a perfect balance to the material gains we’ve made in the past decade.

Exploring our female side is vital for the wellbeing of both ourselves and those around us. With the emphasis on the yin nature of work, career and action in our lives at the moment, it is important to nurture our yang side – to come back to the feminine, which I think is why the Womens Circle is enjoying a revival.”

"On our week end Retreat, I enjoyed meeting inspiring women, the openness of all their experiences, the prepared delicious meals and also the lovely, warm and inviting home. I also appreciated feeling validated and received by all the women. The weekend was a very soul satisfying and nourishing experience."  Kathy Kouniakis

“To celebrate my 40th birthday Mim conducted the most amazing Womens Circle. To begin with I was slightly nervous as I had never done anything like this before and I was surrounded by friends and family who hadn't either. Mim calmed everyone and bought incredible peace to the group. It was the most intimate, loving, honest and bonding experience. You literally float afterwards.” Katharine Pooley

“Having my friends join in on my Bride Circle was one of the strongest moments I had during my wedding experience. We all nurtured the experience and gave to each other with such honesty and playfulness. Mim draws out those individual elements of each of you, threading the whole experience into this wishing well of fun, excitement and true friendship blessings.” Georgie O’Shea

“The Womens Circle for my friend Sue was a very special experience. It was emotional at times and very funny. Sharing thoughts with close friends… thoughts that are deeply felt but rarely spoken. It was a night I’ll never forget.” Jennifer Keyte

“Mim’s Healing Circle provided a beautiful environment for friends and loved ones to come together and share our grief. It was an amazing and unique way for us to remember and honour a wonderful person, and to feel supported by others going through the same transition. Very touching, healing and bonding.” Lucy Simpson

"Womens Retreat" to be held In Mornington Peninsula March 2011

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